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  • Can I buy the license of more cost than the active one?

    Yes, you can. At the same time, all the remaining previous license limits, as well as the remaining period of its validity, do not transfer to the new license.

  • Can I buy the same license that II have?

    For example, if you have an active Ag license, you can purchase the same license again if the license has expired or one of the general limits has been exhausted. At the same time, all the remaining limits of the previous license, as well as the remaining period of its validity, do not transfer to the new license.

  • Can I make outgoing and incoming transaction at the time of staking?

    You can’t make the outgoing transaction, but you can make the incoming one.

  • Can I open one more staking on the same wallet if I have the current staking?

    No, you can’t. You need to open staking on a new wallet by specifying it in the system. One staking is one wallet.

  • How can I find the transaction in explorer: should I use a wrong ID or a wallet address?

    The user can independently find his transaction using his wallet number on the website.

  • How many wallets can I specify in my account when staking PRIZM?

    You can only specify 2 wallets.

  • How to change GNT to FST?

    On the website, go to the "FINANCE" section, then "ADD". In the drop-down menu "SYSTEM" select "(In GNT) - custom GNT", click "FILL" and completely copy the wallet address (all symbols, without exception, starting with WA:). On the website, go to the "FINANCE" section, then "WITHDRAWAL OF FUNDS". In the drop-down menu "SYSTEM" select "(In GNT) - custom GNT", enter the GNT amount, paste the copied wallet address (all symbols, without exception, starting with WA:) and click on the "Withdrawal" button. To complete the conversion, go to the website, then "CONVERSION". In the drop-down menu select "GNT", then enter the GNT amount, the system will automatically display the number of converted FSTs. Click on the "CONVERSION" button.

  • How to mine GNT?

    1) Get cashback when purchasing a license. 2) Get the affiliate program rewards. 3) Buy on the internal exchange. 4) Get daily parking accrues until the order is executed by placing a GNT/WEC buy order.

  • If I will cancel the PRIZM order, when the funds will return to my balance? Will the limit decrease?

    When the order is canceled (GNT/PRIZM pair), the funds are returned to the balance instantly. If you canceled the order that was placed under a valid license, the GNT buy limit will be restored to the amount spent on the canceled order. IMPORTANT: You can’t cancel the GNT/WEC parking order).

  • Is there a composite interest when PZM staking?

    No, there is not. Staking is a deposit that operates in 30 days at a certain interest. If you staked, for example, 25,000 in PZM at 10%, you will get 0.33% every day. Moreover, you will get all deposit interests after 30 days. If you will close staking early, no interest is accrued for the worked period.

  • What is GNT?

    GNT is an ever-growing digital asset that does not go down in cost. When using GNT, your deposit limit increases and you get the maximum staking interests according to the purchased license terms and conditions. Example: For an Ag license (with a cost of $30), the base interest rate is 9% in 30 days. If you will use GNT in the amount equivalent to $3, the interest rate increases up to 10% in 30 days and remains for the entire remainder of the license term.

  • What is GNT accrual formula in the parking?

    When placing the GNT/WEC buy order, there is parking with daily GNT accruals until the buy order is triggered: for every 1000 WEC in the parking, $10 is accrued in GNT at the booked rate. IMPORTANT: you cannot cancel the parking order (GNT/WEC)

  • What is GNT fund and bank?

    The fund is the PRIZM amount received when selling licenses, which will be used for staking payments. The bank is the number of staked PRIZMs.

  • What is staking estimated formula?

    Income depends on the participant's license cost, as well as the GNT activation terms. The income amount under the license and the current limits are indicated on the licenses themselves in the "Personal account" tab. Example: If you purchased a $30 license and staked coins without GNT, your maximum deposit limit will be $400 at 9% in 30 days, and the system shows how much you get daily. If you use GNT, you can increase your deposit limit up to $500 at 10% in 30 days. Thus, in the first case, you will get $436 in 30 days (400 + 9%), and in the second one - $550 in 30 days (500 + 10%).

  • What is the commission for withdrawing from staking?

    The withdrawing commission is 10 PZM.

  • What is the “daily limit”?

    For each license there is a daily GNT sale limit, which is no more than 1% per day of the total sale limit under a license: 1) For Ag license - $1.5 per day 2) For Au license - $15 per day 3) For license Pt - $150 per day 4) For a Vip license - $750 per day

  • What is the referral reward and how is it accrued?

    The referral reward is a bonus received by a member who has invited another member using his referral link, who has bought a license. Referral rewards are paid in PRIZM coin.

  • What will be in the end of the license period?

    All assets remain on the user's balance, but operations with them become unavailable. If PRIZM are placed in staking, the deposit will fully work out its period and interests will be credited to the balance with the deposit principal.

  • What will the “Enable GNT” button give?

    1) The opportunity to get an increased PRIZM staking interest. 2) The ability to expand the PRIZM staking deposit limit

  • Where are staking interests accrued when it closing?

    Accrued staking interests are credited to your personal wallet balance.

  • Where can I use a GNT asset except of PrizmWector?

    The GNT asset can be exchanged at for the FST asset.

  • Why must I create new wallets for staking (why cannot I use the old ones)?

    Old wallets can be used when the necessary software will be developed. Wait for the official announcement.