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The PrizmWector platform runs based on a stacking system ('hold-and-store'). According to its terms, cryptocurrencies stored on the wallets of their owners, brings them profit. On the website, you can mine and store the Prizm cryptocurrency and receive high dividends as interests - from 10% to 16% in 30 days. 30 days is a fixed deposit time in stacking.

You can participate in PrizmWector upon registering and purchasing a minimum license. The license is paid in PZM coins. Purchasing a license gives you a cashback in GNT of 1-3% of the purchase amount. GNT allows you to increase profitability and expand your deposit limits. In addition, the license purchase gives you access to the affiliate program. It means that besides participating in the stacking pool, you will be able to make money by referring your friends and acquaintances to the system.

The next step is to replenish the cryptocurrency balance and activate it in the Staking tab. We guarantee that these funds will be paid to the partner at the end of the deposit time in the stacking pool. The rate of return depends on your license type. The minimum license will give you +10% of the deposit amount, the maximum one — +16%.

The Stacking Pool is a shared portfolio made up of funds after selling the license. You need to purchase the license to form a shared pool. Payments of profits will be made using the pool based on the stacking system. All mined coins are summed up in the main stacking balance.

As a result, the participant deposits funds and just observes the automatic PZM mining and interest accrual during the deposit term. To increase the profit, you can replenish the account over the deposit period in addition and make another deposit. You can withdraw funds from the stacking earlier (before the deposit period expires) or make other operations on your wallet, but in this case your profit burns, only the deposit amount is returned.

How to increase PZM mining?

You can increase your profit by purchasing GNT when Prizm mining. It is a steadily growing asset that you can buy or sell on the internal exchange. GNT gives up to +2% to the speed of the standard PZM mining algorithm. The GNT amplifier also extends your license limits.

You can get GNT in 2 ways:

using parking with WEC at the following rate: you will get GNT in the equivalent of $10 at the exchange rate upon accrual for every 1000WEC (IMPORTANT: you CANNOT cancel this order);

by purchasing GNT in the GNT/PZM trading pair.

License Ag

  • cost — $30

  • validity period — 100 дней



  • buy limit — 300 USD, sell limit — 150 USD;
  • daily sell limit — 1%;
  • stacking limit — 400 USD;
  • GNT stacking limit — 500 USD;
  • stacking percentage — 9%;
  • GNT stacking percentage — 10%;
  • GNT activation cost — 3 USD.

License Au

  • cost — $300

  • validity period — 120 дней



  • buy limit — 3000 USD, sell limit — 1500 USD;
  • daily sell limit — 1%;
  • stacking limit — 3000 USD;
  • GNT stacking limit — 5000 USD;
  • stacking percentage — 10%;
  • GNT stacking percentage — 12%;
  • GNT activation cost — 50 USD.

License Pt

  • cost — $3000

  • validity period — 180 дней



  • buy limit — 30000 USD, sell limit — 15000 USD;
  • daily sell limit — 1%;
  • stacking limit — 30000 USD;
  • GNT stacking limit — 50000 USD;
  • stacking percentage — 12%;
  • GNT stacking percentage — 14%;
  • GNT activation cost — 625 USD.

License VIP

  • cost — $15000

  • validity period — 365 дней



  • buy limit — 150000 USD, sell limit — 75000 USD;
  • daily sell limit — 1%;
  • stacking limit — 150000 USD;
  • GNT stacking limit — 250000 USD;
  • stacking percentage — 14%;
  • GNT stacking percentage — 16%;
  • GNT activation cost — 3750 USD.

Referral Program

There is an 8-level referral program on the PrizmWector platform. When your referral purchases a license, you also receive a reward in PRIZM. Different levels of the referral system have different rates of referral bonuses.



Level 1.

for license Ag



Level 2.

for license Ag



Level 3.

for license Au



Level 4.

for license Au



Level 5.

for license Pt



Level 6.

for license Pt



Level 7.

for license VIP



Level 8.

for license VIP


referral interests will be accrued in the amount of your valid license if your referral has purchased a higher license than you.

For example, if you have the Au license and your 1st level referral has purchased the Pt or VIP license, your referral interest will be accrued at the rate of 1.25% of your Au license, i.e. $3.75.