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Investments in Prizm: up to 16% in 30 days

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About us

The Web Token Profit main goal is WEC entrenchment in every person's life.

The company Web Token Profit has been working since the beginning of 2019 and launched a number of successful projects, such as: Web Token Profit, Crypto-Accelerator, Golden-Ratio, WecAuto, Profitbot, Prizmwector and the cryptocurrency exchange Coin-Galaxy. All the projects use their own coin WEC which is trading on 5 cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Prizmwector project has been created within the program “WEC Union” to support the PZM crypto community in achieving the common goals. For keeping the PZM coin, the partner receives the income from 10 to 16% for 30 days depending on the purchased license.

4 types of licenses

Choose the license that is the best possible for your abilities and wishes in getting profit.

Cashbacks and rewards

You get additional bonuses for purchasing the license and active investment activities.

Minimum commissions

Platform commission is only 1% for PZM/WEC withdrawals and internal transactions.

How it works?

Registration and license selection

Licenses have different validity periods and values, different restrictions on the deposit amount and different interest rates.


Deposit payment

To participate in the Staking Pool, you should make a deposit of the amount within the range of your license.


GNT activation to accelerate profit growth

You can buy and sell GNT on the exchange or earn it using one of the available ways.


Interest accrual and deposit refund

At the end of the deposit expiration date you will be credited with the interest on your deposit and the invested amount.


PRIZM cryptocurrency

Join the total cryptocurrency mining and get your dividends

The PrizmWector platform offers the best conditions for investing: licenses up to 365 days, short deposit period, high interest rates, 8-level referral system, GNT cashbacks and wide limits for GNT buying/selling on the internal exchange.

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    Since the beginning of 2019, it has had an impeccable reputation on the market.

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    We use secure data and media channels.